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Professional Performer
Circus Performer & Entertainer

Antonietta "Ballerina Goddess" Alfano is a Internationally Renowned aerial circus performer specializing in lyra (aerial hoop) and rope. As a professional ballerina and dancer for 20+ years, Ballerina Goddess uses her multiple dance talents to provide a different kind of performance art without using words but the power of energy, visual art and emotion. With this very unique art she provides for the audience, she inspires others with freedom of expression, tears and laughter in her audiences through interpretative dance, aerials and rope.

She performs at Corporate Events, Weddings, Birthday Parties (Child & Adult), Festivals (Indoor/Outdoor), Conventions, Balls, Circuses, Concerts, Discos, Malls and many more. 

Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them

Solo Performer Skills:

  • Spotlight Aerial Performance (up to 45 mins)

    • Ballet/Pointe

    • Aerial Rope

    • Aerial Lyra

    • Combination of 2 or 3

  • Ambient Aerial Performance (up to 2 hours)

    • Ballet/Pointe

    • Aerial Rope

    • Aerial Lyra

    • Combination of 2 or 3

Performer Partner Dances skills (w/ add-on options for workshop):

  • Swing dance/Lindy Hop

    • 20s, to 40s

  • Rockabilly Sock Hop

    • 50's to 60s

  • Latin Dance

    • Salsa

    • Bachata

    • Merengue

  • Kizomba Dance

Dance Teacher (Contact for Group Rates):

  • Ballet

    • Private Lessons Children (up to age 10): $75/hr

    • Private Lessons Adult: $50/hr

  • Latin Dance (lead & follow)

    • Private Lessons Adult: $50/hr

  • Kizomba (lead & follow)

    • Private Lessons Adult $50/hr

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