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Testimonials: Testimonials

Her reiki was wonderful. It made me relaxed, focused and joyful. ASL friendly. Highly recommended."

~Marta, Rochester NY

"Awesome reiki session! The energy was strong and the atmosphere was perfect. I appreciated our discussion afterwards to review what she felt from my chakras. Would love to go back soon!"

~Kris, Rochester, NY

"I have been feeling so relaxed and energized. Yesterday was a wonderful experience, Thank you."

~Elizabeth, Buffalo NY

"Antonietta has trained to become an outstanding healer. I felt greatly helped with our session. Her insights and intuition are important and wise beyond her years. Brava!"

~Elisabetta, Rochester NY

Amazing. Words cannot describe. You simply just have to try her out and be open. Her session is very humbling.

~Amanda, Waterville ME

Absolutely the best reiki session I ever experienced! I hopped off the table feeling balanced and ready to take on the world. Thank You!!

~Amy, Rochester, NY

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