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Are you angry at someone? Are you holding a grudge? Are you mad at them for hurting you? Are you blaming them? Are you revengeful? It could be your parents. It could be your abuser. It could a family member. It could be an ex lover. It could be anyone. Did you know that #forgivenessheals ? I must be crazy... Forgiving the person who hurt you. That's exactly that. However, I'm not saying forgive them or excusing them for what they did. Forgiveness ISN'T something you do for the OTHER person. But forgiving the situation that happened and forgiving yourself. Accepting the reality of what happened and finding a way to live in a state of resolution with it. Your doing it FOR YOU. First, there needs to be a #willingness to forgive.

1. Accepting that it happened. Acknowledge that it occured and how you were affected.

2. See the growth you've experienced! What did I learn? My needs? My boundaries? You survived it! And grew from it!

3. Hard part: think about them for a second here. They are flawed. We are ALL flawed. After all, we are humans. They acted from a belief that was limited with a distorted reference because we all act from this. When you were hurt, they were trying to have s need met. What do u think it was and why did they do it?

4. Decide to mentally forgive them if you would like to or not. This will have you no longer bound by it. You are honoring yourself by forgiving. By #lettinggo .

Your affirming to the #universe you deserve to be #happy .

#rosequartz & #rhodochrosite is the crystal for #heartchakra forgiveness healing.

So much #peace #light and #love to you my friends. #namaste

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