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Did you know you have 3 eyes?

My lovelies! I am BACK! I needed to retreat in solitude to focus on my own healing so that I can help you beautiful souls! There will be times where that will happen. I come back with a reminder. To see. With clarity. Some of us may be feeling lost. And some of us are finding our way! Those who feel lost, it's okay. At least you are recognizing this. This emptiness, this space... So what's your purpose in this life? Right now, it's to see. It's to open your third eye, your Drishti. The third eye is the center of insight, vision, and higher wisdom. The third eye is the main seat of higher levels of perception and intuition. When you see, it helps your understanding about life more. It helps you find your purpose. This can be helped with reiki attunement sessions (which I can offer! Services are on my FB page). And a third eye chakra meditation. So here we go. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. And each time you inhale, hold your breath for 4 secs then exhale slowly, long and deep. Focus the attention between the center of your forehead between the eyebrows. Is It blinking? Closed? Open? Or can't see it? Maybe ground yourself first. I have a meditation for that as well on my page. Let's help you find out where your third eye is. Your work is always in progress. I am here with you. <3

Antonietta Alfano,

CEO, Come Fly With Me Healing

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