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"Returning to Yourself" rather then "Finding Yourself"

Returning to yourself. Returning to your #happy #innerchild . Remember how #happy you were before traumas happened as a child? No? There is a way to remember it. We always will remember. At least our #highersoul does. We just don't because the influence of the world got to us. The conditioning from others got to us. And we were made to believe that they are our own. That it's our fault we let it happen. Or maybe we learned to hate them, the abusers. Our #ego hates. Our ego judges. Our ego puts us down, makes us insecure. Our ego makes us #fear the unkown. A way to remember the #joy the #happiness the #innocence is to go through it. Not around it. Go through the #healing process, go through the fear, the pain. Getting ready to Get your hands dirty. In the process, You will also learn why you make the choices you do for yourself, in your and in relationships. Why it loops. We cut the #cords to the traumas that are not in the light. Then we cut the blood from those cords, then We #transmute those cords into #love and #light . Then we forgive and then let go. Or for some, it's #letgo then #forgive . Then we dont hate. We love. And when we love, its a higher #vibration that attracts the good to you. And you learn your importance in this life. What your #worth and not dependning on others for happiness. It is a process. But aren't you worth It? Is your happiness and joy worth it?

As #naturalempath , #lightworker and a #healer , That's why I do what i do for my life's work. #Spiritual life coaching in addition to being #reikimaster , card reader and more enables me to give the tools to help other learn healing. And go through these stages of growth. I invoke the higher realm of angels, #ascendedmasters, animal guides, and more as we heal together.

Book any session with me and mention this post to get a healing surprise! 💫🙈❤🙋‍♀️

Namaste, my lovely friends. 🙏🏿

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